Frequently Asked Questions

General information

Where can I find information about the host country ?

Each year, the local host will provide a compiled 1-2 pages information guide book related to the host country.
This information will be available to all participants.

The date of the school may change from year to another.

Previous editions date :

  • May 25-29, 2014
  • May 25-29, 2015
  • August 8-12, 2016
  • AugustĀ 7-11, 2017

MEAC-SIG 2018 Edition:

  • August 5-9, 2018

The school takes place each year in a different country in the Middle East and Adjoining Countries region.

Previous editions :

  • 2014 – Kuwait
  • 2015 – Tunisia
  • 2016 – Lebanon
  • 2017 – Turkey

MEAC-SIG 2018 Edition:

  • 2018: Egypt

Different languages are spoken at the school. Attendees are from different countries from a region that covers the 22 Arab States, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.
However, the majority of course sessions and materials, and all event communications and signage are in English.

Participation in the MEAC School on Internet Governance is free of charge.

Hotels & travel

How do I get an invitation letter ?

For attendees who need a visa prior to traveling to a country, the local host will be able to issue Invitation Letters as well as assist with Visa Processing when needed.

At least 2 coffee breaks (30 minutes each) and 1 lunch (60 minutes) will be provided per day.
The local host may organize a Gala Dinner for students of the school.

The organizers will cover costs of accommodation for funded travelers, and some faculty members will make their own bookings.
The Local Host will negotiate a block of 20-25 rooms with a hotel nearby the venue.